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About BLY Hydraulic Press

At BLY hydraulic Press, we specialize in designing and manufacturing various types of hydraulic press machines. That includes rapid, warm, stamp, and cold hydraulic press machines. We are an enterprise that integrates designing, researching, and developing the production of high quality and reliable hydraulic machines, hydraulic stations, hydraulic cylinders, and, among other products. We also incorporate sales and servicing of machines that we produce to a majority of our customers
20 Years Production Experience
More Than 50 Related Patents

To ensure that we are providing high quality and reliable hydraulic press machines, the company conducts in-depth investigation and research on both the domestic and foreign major brands’ machine tools. We carry out optimization, integration, and improvement on the basis of sorting out and analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of good brands in the market. We then with this data, we are able to produce perfect hydraulic press machines that meet market demands. That’s the reason why our machines have been receiving positive feedback from our customers.

We have taken “production promotion” as our core positioning. We strive to develop better machine tools for production and provide users with high precision, stable, and low energy consumption machines that fully meet their needs. The core parts of machine tools are all from famous brands. We work with parts that offer the highest precision to ensure that the end product is the best that you can find in the market. That’s the reason why we have continued to rank top in the market when it comes to hydraulic presses.

BLY’s hydraulic presses are mainly used for cold extrusion, warm extrusion, stretch forming, stamping, and other processes. Our machines are mainly applicable to manufacturing automobile parts, aerospace, hardware products, electrical appliances, and electronics. In addition to that, you can also use them for powder metallurgy, watches and jewelry making, mold making, and other industries. Therefore, we design and manufacture hydraulic press machine that offers extreme versatility in use.

BLY brand hydraulic Press machines are exported to almost all parts of the world. Due to the quality that we offer, we received order requests from all parts of the world. We export to all African countries as well as South American countries such as Brazil, amongst others. We also are exporting to Middle East countries, Indian, Pakistan, Southeast Asia as well as Eastern European countries.

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BLY hydraulic Press Company adheres to the management concept of “people-oriented, science and technology.” We pay attention to the skill training and education of personnel and strives to build a number of high-quality teams. Therefore, we boast of having one of the most experienced teams of hydraulic press machine specialists. We can hand all kinds of hydraulic press machine challenges, including customized requests, and deliver exactly what you are looking for.

We also strictly adhere to the business philosophy of “users first for excellence.” The company implements the quality policy of “details determine success or failure,” so as to provide customers with high quality and reliable hydraulic press machines. So with us, quality and value for money is a guarantee. Contact us today, and our team will respond to your request promptly.