Environmental Conditions And Daily Maintenance Of Single-Column Hydraulic Press

Environmental Conditions And Daily Maintenance Of Single-Column Hydraulic Press

Environmental Conditions And Daily Maintenance Of Single-Column Hydraulic Press


1.Use Environmental Conditions

Under normal circumstances, single-column hydraulic presses always work in a non-open air environment. This means the environment will not be too bad, and there is no medium intrusion around. For the control system, the main attention should be paid to not having strong magnetic field interference around.

In this way, there is no need to consider the system error caused by magnetic field interference, which simplifies the design and reduces the cost. In order to ensure the service life of the hydraulic press, there should not be too much shock and vibration in the workshop.


2.Daily Maintenance

(1)Maintenance before operation:

  1. Check whether the oil sump, oil level, and oil standard meet the specified standards. If they do not meet the requirements, replenish the oil in time. Use the right oil as recommended by the manufacturer or an expert.
  2. Check whether the button is flexible or whether it is jammed. Make sure you have had it fixed if jammed for efficient operation of the machine.
  3. Check whether the grounding wire of the motor is loose, dropped or damaged. If it is loose, it should be tightened. If it is off or damaged, it should be notified to maintenance personnel before you can start the machine.
  4. Check whether the safety protection device is complete and reliable. Do not operate if the safety of the operator is compromised.
  5. Check whether the handles are flexible.
  6. Tighten the loose nuts and bolts of each part.


(2)Maintenance during operation:

  1. Start the hydraulic pump and check whether the hydraulic pump is working well and whether the sealing parts and pipelines are blocked or leaked. If you notice a problem, stop the machine and notify the maintenance personnel to have it fixed.
  2. Check whether the limit switch works well and whether the positioning of the bumper is correct.
  3. Always pay attention to whether the temperature rise and sound of all moving parts are normal.


(3)Maintenance after operation:

  1. Check and clean all movable parts.
  2. Each control handle (switch) is placed in neutral (zero position).
  3. Inspect, clean and tidy up the working surface and working area.


3.Lubrication system:

  1. Clean the oil pump and filter screen.
  2. Scrub, check, and dredge the oil circuit to achieve good lubrication and eliminate oil leakage.


4.Regular maintenance

  1. Calibrate and check the pressure gauge every six months.
  2. Replace the hydraulic oil once a year, and the first replacement time should not exceed three months. It is recommended to use No. 32 and No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oils though the manufacturer will recommend the best option.
  3. If the hydraulic press is out of service for a long time, the surface of the machine should be wiped clean and coated with anti-rust oil.