What Kind Of Hydraulic Oil Is Best For Hydraulic Press

What Kind Of Hydraulic Oil Is Best For Hydraulic Press

What Kind Of Hydraulic Oil Is Best For Hydraulic Press

The hydraulic press is just like any other machine and should be treated like so. You should service, repair, and maintain these machines to ensure they are working fine. One of the crucial maintenance tips that you need to put into consideration is oiling or lubricating. You need to have the right hydraulic oil for your machine.

The importance of hydraulic oil is to improve power transmission and movement. The oil lubricates the movable parts of the hydraulic press to reduce energy loss through friction. Therefore, it’s very important to maintain the machine’s efficiency. But what should you look for in hydraulic oil? Well, here are some of the key properties of a good hydraulic oil:

1. The best hydraulic oil must have suitable viscosity and viscosity-temperature characteristics. If the oil has excessive viscosity, it will lose viscous resistance, increase temperatures, and reduce the pump’s suction performance. In the case of low viscosity, it increases leakage and decreases volumetric efficiency.

2. Good lubricity and anti-wear properties. Perfect Lubrication helps to reduce inefficiencies caused by friction. The oil film must be enough to reduce friction, which increases wear resistance. It is important to note that high viscosity does not mean good lubricity because the film might still be thin. Check if the oil has additives such as oleic acid, whale oil, and anti-wear additives such as sulfur, zinc, and phosphorous. These additives form a power absorption film on the machine parts to improve lubricity.

3. The hydraulic oil must be pure. The best oil must be free of impurities and have good antifoaming features. Impurities cause bubbles and may also block the oil circuit hence affecting smooth movement. Do note that impurities reduce the efficiency of the hydraulic press and may also lower the compression force.

4. Relatively low flow point and freezing point as well as relatively high flash point and ignition point. These are essential properties, especially when using the hydraulic press in regions with temperature fluctuations.

5. Should have good thermals stability and oxidation stability. Oxidation stability is oil’s ability to resist oxidation when affected by oxygen, metals, heat, or water. Thermal stability property enables hydraulic oil to resist chemical reaction and decomposition when affected by high temperature. All these are properties that affect the efficiency of the hydraulic press as well as the amount of force that’s produced.

6. A perfect hydraulic oil must also have good anti-emulsification, corrosion resistance, and rust resistance to prevent corroding the machine. Most affected are the sealing parts. Do note that corrosion of the machine and its sealing parts will significantly reduce its lifespan.

7. A good hydraulic oil should have a high heat transfer coefficient and specific heat capacity. Good oil should also have low expansion Low Volume expansion. Temperature dynamics can greatly affect the oil efficiency to transmit power, which affects tonnage production.

8. A good hydraulic oil should be safe and harmless to the human body. Remember that the operator will be coming into contact with oil very often. That’s the reason why it shouldn’t cause any harmful side effects such as skin irritation.

9. Low Cost. The oil should be affordable to ensure you don’t run into losses.

These are the 9 major properties that make an ideal hydraulic oil. Note that sometimes the manufacturer could recommend the oil. However, there are many quality and reliable hydraulic oil brands to select from.

What Kind Of Hydraulic Oil Is Best For Hydraulic Press
What Kind Of Hydraulic Oil Is Best For Hydraulic Press

How To Use Hydraulic Oil In Hydraulic Press

Having hydraulic oil is one thing and using it properly is another thing altogether. There are several things that you need to get right to ensure the oil is being used properly and the machine is taken care:

1. Clean the system: This is a very important factor, especially if you are using the oiling the machine for the first time. Clean the hydraulic system thoroughly. If you are replacing an old oil, flush it with the new oil 1 to 2 times.

2. Don’t mix oil brands. If you are using a certain brand, don’t mix it with another because the different chemical composition might react. The oils could also be having different viscosities.

3. Ensure tight sealing. Because of the pressure created by the hydraulic machine, the seal rings must be very tight. This helps to prevent leakages and external pollutants.

4. Don’t just change hydraulic for the sake of changing. Change it according to the oil change index. That’s the reason why regular sampling and testing of the oil in the hydraulic press is recommended.