4 Things To Consider For A Reliable Hydraulic Press’ Hydraulic System

Hydraulic System

4 Things To Consider For A Reliable Hydraulic Press’ Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system is crucial in the operation of hydraulic press machines. Without it working perfectly, you will definitely have a problem delivering with the hydraulic press. For the hydraulic system to work reliably, you need to pay attention to the following design and use aspects:


(1) Prevent Air From Entering The System

One of the biggest problems that you need to avoid is the mixing of the air in the system. You need to have all the air exhausted immediately because it will affect the performance of the hydraulic system. Air in the oil will cause oxidation of the oil, hence lowering its quality and efficiency to produce the required force. The oil will also deteriorate faster. What you need is to ensure that the system is maintained to prevent air from entering.


 (2) Always keep the oil clean.

The quality of the oil is crucial for a properly functioning hydraulic system of hydraulic presses. If the oil becomes laced with impurities such as gases and metals, then it is likely to cause the slide valve to jam. The impurities in the oil might also block the throttle orifice or gap. In addition to that, the moving parts will wear out faster. To prevent this problem, you need to install water filters to catch impurities before they enter the system. Cleaning the oil regularly is highly recommended.


(3) Prevent leakage.

Whereas internal leakage is inevitable, external leakage is not allowed must be avoided.  If there is too much leakage in the hydraulic system of the hydraulic press, you will have a problem getting the required pressure or the torque. Also, you need to note that the level of the oil is a big factor when determining the force that the machine can produce. In addition to that, excessive leakage leads to volume loss, and a rise in the oil temperature will increase. You can fix the problem by putting an appropriate gap between moving parts and sealing devices,Or directly to the hydraulic press machine supplier for help.


(4) Maintain Temperature

You need to ensure that the oil temperature is maintained at the required levels.  What you need to do is ensure that the temperature is not too high. When working in perfect conditions, the oil temperature should be maintained at 15-50℃. Excessive oil temperature will bring a series of undesirable consequences such as noises and oil deterioration. The high temperature will make the oil thinner, increase leakage, and decrease system efficiency. Ensure the oil tank has sufficient heat dissipation capacity, as well as adding cooling devices to keep the oil cool.