Common Faults Of Hydraulic Steering Gear Of Hydraulic Press

Common Faults Of Hydraulic Steering Gear Of Hydraulic Press

Common Faults Of Hydraulic Steering Gear Of Hydraulic Press


Full hydraulic steering gear generally rarely fails. But if it is improperly maintained or assembled after disassembly, various failures will occur. Common failures and troubleshooting methods are: valve body, spacer stator, and rear cover joint surface Oil leakage. Replace the sealing ring and clean the dirt between the joint surfaces. If the rigidity of the tightening bolt is insufficient, replace the seal ring at the bolt journal and cause oil leakage, and replace the seal ring.

If the sealing ring at the overflow valve get damages and causing oil leakage, remove the adjusting screw and replace the sealing ring limit bolt due to uneven gaskets causing oil leakage; flatten or replace the gasket.

The steering is heavy, the slow-turn steering wheel is light, and the fast-turn steering wheel has insufficient oil supply from the sunken oil pump. Choose a suitable oil pump or check whether the oil pump is normal. There is foam in the oil, and it makes irregular noises. The steering wheel does not move when the steering wheel is rotating, and the cylinder is moving. Exhaust air in the system, and check whether the suction line is leaking.

If there is too little oil in the oil tank, add oil to the specified oil level. The fast-turn and slow-turn steering wheels are heavy, and the steering is pressure-less, and the oil viscosity is too high. The steel ball check valve in the valve body fails. Use the recommended oil. In case of a lost steel ball, reload it. If there is dirt in the steel ball, clean it at no load or light load, turn to light, increase the load and turn to sink. The pressure of the flow valve is lower than the working pressure, or the overflow valve is dirty. But in case of stuck object, adjust the pressure of the overflow valve or clean the overflow valve.

The steering wheel cannot automatically return to the center. The pressure in the middle position increases, broken spring sheet, and the damaged spring sheet gets a replacement. For the pressure vibration increases significantly or even cannot rotate, the dial pin is broken or deformed, and the pressure vibration is significantly increased when replacing the dial pin is replaced.

Common Faults Of Hydraulic Steering Gear Of Hydraulic Press
Common Faults Of Hydraulic Steering Gear Of Hydraulic Press

Even the opening of the rotating linkage shaft cannot be broken or deformed. Replace the linkage shaft. However, you should never replace it with other things. When the vehicle deviates or rotates the steering wheel, the slow-acting two-way safety valve may fail if the oil cylinder does not move. Clean the two-way safety valve or replace the spring. If the steering wheel cannot automatically return to the center, the pressure drop at the center position increases, or the steering does not turn when the steering wheel stops rotating.


  1. The steering column and the valve core are not concentric
  2. Steering column axially tops the valve core
  3. The steering column rotation resistance is too large
  4. Broken spring sheet

In order to eliminate the cause of the failure, the piston of the oil cylinder reaches the extreme position during power steering without human power, and the endpoint is not obvious. The oil cylinder of the steering wheel does not rotate during manual steering, and the radial and axial gaps of the stator are too large. Replace the rotor and stator.