Whether the machine price can be more discount?

1. While international markets undeniably present opportunities for expansion, effective communication remains integral to fostering customer satisfaction over extended periods. With insight into the logistical complexities accompanying overseas exchanges, BLY prioritises with forethought by implementing rigorous quality standards that exceed designated warranty durations. This establishes trust and buys goodwill by relieving clients of unanticipated costs down the line.


2. Furthermore, a balanced approach is taken when considering both client and company interests. BLY strives for equitable value where quality commensurates with price in a manner agreeable to all parties. Ongoing dialogue is welcomed to determine mutually beneficial terms through cooperative spirit. In so doing, long-lasting and prosperous relationships may be cultivated across borders.

How about your machine quality? We are worry about the quality.

As a respected establishment with nearly two decades of devoted research and production experience, BLY holds an esteemed position within the Chinese market. Established upon a foundation built in 2002, the factory has since evolved through continuous technological refinement, with structural design and precise security measures advancing to surpass global CE standards.

BLY’s machines have traversed over 50 international borders, gracing regions home to metalworking industries around the world. Wherever their splendid hydraulic presses reside, a reputation of excellence and satisfied clientele follow suit – a testament to the company’s commitment to engineering distinction and prioritizing user experience above all else. Through dedicated service spanning nearly two prolific decades, BLY has cemented its role as an industry leader exalted for unparalleled craftsmanship on a global scale.

What is your guarantee period?

The quality guarantee period of the BLY product is 24 months from on board day on the B/L.During the guarantee period, we will provide spare parts without any charge in case of quality discrepancy caused by us. If the malfunctions are caused by user’s incorrect operations,we will provide customers spare parts at cost price.

Is engineer available to provide service abroad?

Yes, we will provide free installation and commissioning, also free training.
How can we provide you efficient services (metal processing solution):


There are Three Steps as following:

1. Gather your requirements based on your real working situation.

2. Analyze your information and provide our feedback.

3. Offer options based on your specific needs. For instance, reg. standard products, we can offer professional recommendations; reg. non-standard products, we can offer professional designing.

How long is the delivery time?

For standard machine, it would be 15 working days; For non-standard machine and customized machines according to clients specific requirements, it would be 30 days

What are your terms of packing?

Packing: export worthy package suitable for container transportation.
Wooden case, iron pallet, plastic film ect.

Do you arrange shipment for machines?

Yes, for FOB or CIF price, we will arrange shipment for you. For EXW price, clients need to arrange shipment by themselves or their agents.

During shipping, if there is damage to products, how do you get replacement?

Firstly, we should investigate the reason cause the damage. At the same time, we will claim for the insurance by ourselves or assist the buyer.


Secondly we will send the replacement to the buyer. The responsible person for above damage will take charge of the cost of the replacement.

Payment terms?

T/T,L/C,Western Union,Paypal,Alibaba Secure Payment ect.